The key differentiator between Faberca and other Canadian manufacturers is flexibility of design: every wood-frame construction we undertake is unique.

Faberca employs only leading-edge technologies in all aspects of construction. Whatever the phase of operation (planning, cutting, assembly, container loading, etc.), Faberca’s specialty is customization. In collaboration with other building specialists, we use the latest and most efficient production methods and techniques to deliver outstanding products and services to our clients.

Our constant attention to detail ensures precision assembly and a finished product of superior quality. This is illustrated by the fact that Faberca products are among the most energy-efficient anywhere, are designed to ensure maximum comfort and allow a wide choice of finishes, and will minimize your ecological footprint.


How can solar energy be harnessed and how can the heat of the summer sun be controlled?

Solar energy is absorbed in winter via most of the window area on the south side of the home, then stored in a thermal mass and redistributed as heat.
The summer sun is controlled with the aid of a device that allows the sunlight to pass through while preventing the direct rays from entering the home. This may be accomplished with shade screens or by roof angles calculated according to the direction of the sun.

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Last Update : March 31st, 2014