How can solar energy be harnessed and how can the heat of the summer sun be controlled?

Solar energy is absorbed in winter via most of the window area on the south side of the home, then stored in a thermal mass and redistributed as heat.
The summer sun is controlled with the aid of a device that allows the sunlight to pass through while preventing the direct rays from entering the home. This may be accomplished with shade screens or by roof angles calculated according to the direction of the sun.

Do you have a catalogue?

No, we do not have a catalogue of pre-designed models: all of our buildings are customized. We can build according to your own plans, or realize your plans with you, based on your needs, budget, land and taste.

How do I get a proposal for my project?

You can obtain a proposal by emailing us your plans or detailed sketches at info@faberca.com or by faxing them to us at 819-536-0160. It is important to provide us with your complete contact information so we can reach you and determine your project specifications.

Is it possible to buy only the shell of the house?

Yes. However, it is to your advantage to consider including the windows and exterior siding in the contract since these items will be factory-installed on the prefabricated walls. This can mean real savings in time and money while ensuring that rigorous quality control is maintained.

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Last Update : March 31st, 2014