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Respect for the environment

Did you know…?

We source our timber from sawmills that are dedicated to sustainable forest management.

Intelligent exploitation permits the forest to renew itself through regeneration, which can become as abundant as it was before cutting, if not more so.

A wood-frame house is a low-energy-consuming resource.

Wood-frame construction costs less in processing, transportation and assembly than concrete construction.

Wood-frame construction takes place on a clean worksite, where waste is recycled.

Once a wood-frame home is erected, the owners can achieve substantial energy savings.

Timber as a building material is up to 7 times lighter than conventional concrete.


How can solar energy be harnessed and how can the heat of the summer sun be controlled?

Solar energy is absorbed in winter via most of the window area on the south side of the home, then stored in a thermal mass and redistributed as heat.
The summer sun is controlled with the aid of a device that allows the sunlight to pass through while preventing the direct rays from entering the home. This may be accomplished with shade screens or by roof angles calculated according to the direction of the sun.

Building for your environment
Last Update : March 31st, 2014